Cardiac inward rectifier current:
The main research theme of my group is entitled “inward rectifier current in arrhythmia control, from gene to patient”. We work on a number of fundamental questions concerning Kir2.x ion channel regulation at levels of transcription, trafficking and signaling, and clinical related issues as drug-mediated inward rectifier current (IK1) inhibition and biological ablation by IK1 expressing cells.
We published on inhibiting spontaneous beating activity of immature cardiomyocytes by electrotonic application of IK1, and demonstrated the presence of mature levels of IK1 in differentiated cardiomyocyte progenitor cells. In our cell-biological work we demonstrated the involvement of lysosomes in Kir2.1 ion channel degradation.In drug-channel interactions, we found pentamidine as a direct blocker of IK1 and unravelled its underlying blocking mechanism.
In our studies we advocate a comprehensive combination of techniques ranging from molecular biological approaches to functional physiology.

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We are co-investigators in projects on ARVD, cardiac sodium channel knockdown, cardiac progenitor cells, and acquired delayed rectifier related repolarization disorders.